Board of Directors

The Board of Directors represents the collective shareholders and acts in the best interests of the Company. Each member, whatever his/her designation, represents the Company’s shareholders. The Board of Directors meetings are held as often as deemed necessary or appropriate at the request of the Chairman. All members, and in particular the independent and non-executive members, are guided by the interests of the Company and its business, such interests including but not limited to the interests of the Company’s shareholders and employees.

The members of the Board of Directors are elected by the general meeting of shareholders for a period not exceeding six years. They are eligible for re-election and may be removed at any time, with or without cause, by a resolution adopted by a simple majority of votes of the general meeting of shareholders. The Directors may be either natural persons or legal entities. A legal entity that is appointed to the Board of Directors designates a natural person as its representative.

The Board of Directors consists of:

  • Mr. Jiří Dedera - executive member representing the management of the Company
  • Mr. Edward Hughes - independent member
  • Mr. Erik Morgenstern, Chief Financial Officer

The current members of the Board of Directors are appointed until the Annual General Meeting of 2018 concerning the approval of the annual accounts of the Company for the financial year ending 31 December 2017. Jiri Dedera is also elected Managing Director (administrateur délégué) of the Company.