Feliz Residence - reference project


Feliz means happiness…
Feliz Residence at 6 Figiel Street comprises two exclusive four-storey villa buildings situated in a quiet and peaceful area next to Szczęśliwicki Park in the Ochota district. Exclusive penthouses with their own fireplaces have been designed to be situated on the top floors and are accessible by elegant elevators. Common areas feature private gardens and greenery while vines on the facades will provide cooling shade in the summer. Those who enjoy beautiful views are delighted by the spacious terraces located on the top floors which offer a picturesque panorama of the nearby park. To ensure security the estate is enclosed by fencing and fully monitored. We have also provided for the younger residents and designed a private playground within the grounds of the development.

Feliz Residence brings together a number of functions in a single prestigious location and combines a modern intelligent residential building with the irresistible charm of a suburban villa. Modern architecture and carefully designed gardens merge into a coherent whole to constitute an interesting example of modern urban design. All details have been made from high-quality natural finishing materials such as wood and stone. Feliz Residence makes use of modern, energy-efficient and ecological features which contribute to the protection of the environment and bring about a significant reduction in operating costs and offer major savings to our customers over many years.

The buildings feature:

  • balconies
  • terraces
  • green courts
  • cutting-edge elevators
  • video interphones
  • bicycle-storage places
  • under- and overground car parks
  • phone, Internet and cable TV connections.