History & Milestones


October 2015 - Termination of Safeguard Plan
October 2015 - Listing of Shares on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange
June 2015 - Completion of Reorganization of Hungarian Subsidiaries
June 2015 - Application for Early Termination of Safeguard Plan
January 2015 - Zlota 44: Finalization of Purchase Price


December 2014 - the Budapest Commercial Court approved the restructuring of Vaci 1 Kft. holding Vaci 1 asset and Ariah, Kft. holding Szervita.
December 2014 - the Group disposed of its stake in Mamaison hospitality portfolio, thereby exiting its final investment in Russia.
December 2014 - the Group acquired a brownfield area in Brno, Czech Republic, with an area of approximately 22.5 hectares.
November 2014 - the Group acquired four development projects with an aggregate of 186 thousand square meters of developable land, primarily in Prague, Czech Republic.
October 2014 - Suncani Hvar initiated a pre-bankruptcy procedure to allow the restructuring of its operations.
August 2014 - the Group entered into an agreement concerning a disposal of its stakes in Zlota 44 project.
June 2014 - the Group disposed part of Suncani Hvar shares.
June 2014 - the Group completed a portfolio debt restructuring with Crédit Agricole relating to Bubenska commercial building in Prague, Hlubocky production plant near Olomouc , the Dunaj department store in Bratislava and Capellen, Luxembourg.
March 2014 - the Company’s Board of Directors decided to appoint new CEO Tomáš Salajka and Jiří Dedera as Managing Director of the Company.


December 2013 - the Group initiated a pre-bankruptcy procedure of its three Hungarian subsidiaries that hold assets known as the Paris Department Store, Vaci 1 and Szervita to allow the restructuring of its operations.
December 2013 - Orco resumes international arbitration proceedings against Croatian Centre for Restructuring and Sales regarding Suncani Hvar
November 2013 - the OG Board of Directors decided to raise up to EUR 100 Million pursuant to the authorization granted to it by its shareholders.
May 2013 - Orco constituted its joint venture with Unibail-Rodamco aimed at developing a prime shopping center in the Bubny area, downtown Prague.
May 2013 - Disposal of the land plot U Hranic
March 2013 - Stakes held by OPG in the Office and Office II Sub-funds of the Endurance Real Estate Fund have been sold.


December 2012 - Berlin GSG refinancing process finalized
December 2012 - Sale of Sky Office
December 2012 - Orco Request for arbitration against the State Property Management Agency of the Republic of Croatia
May 2012 - Sale of Radio Free Europe Building in Prague
May 2012 - Initiation of Bubny master plan change
Q1 2012 - the Company launched very successfull residential project Mezihori in Prague


October 2011 - Orco Property Group completes agreement to sell Russian assets for EUR 53 Million pursuant to restructuring strategy.
September 2011 - Funds advised by Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing becomes Orco’s largest shareholder with a 19.2% stake. In turn, Orco has increased its stake in Orco Germany from 58.4% to 88.0% (or 91.6% after eliminating the treasury shares owned by Orco Germany), and in the Office I Sub-Fund from 16.2% to 27%, and in the Residential Sub-Fund from 5.8% to 14.8%.
August 2011 – the Group announces JV with Unibail Rodamco for development of a major shopping centre on the Bubny plot in downtown Prague.
May 2011 - First payment under the Safeguard Plan.
March 2011 - Sunčani Hvar, ORCO Property Group and Croatian Privatization Fund, reached agreement on resolving the outstanding issues and agreed on future cooperation.
February 2011 – Completion of the sale of Leipziger Platz.
January 2011 - Admission to trading of 2,020,000 shares issued in April 2010 capital increases on the regulated market of NYSE Euronext in Paris.


December 2010 – The Group appoints a new general contractor for Złota 44.
December 2010 - Orco announces the disposal of three assets located in Prague, Vysocanska Gate, Jeremiasova Office Building and North East Corner, the part of Bubny land in line with the Group strategy.
November 2010 - ORCO Germany and HGHI annonce the signing of an agreement on the future of Leipziger Platz.
October 2010 - Váci 1 reaches the level of structural completion.
October 2010 - Greenlight for Zlota 44 : the Governor of the Mazovian Voivodship has confirmed the validity and effectiveness of the building permitof the project in the center of Warsaw.
July 2010 - Restructuring of the shareholder loan granted to the hospitality joint venture with AIG Global Real Estate Europe. Orco Property Group recovers upfront EUR 6.7 million cash and secures increased priority payments from future cash flows, while Hospitality Invest S.A. is fully recapitalized and the long term bank loan secured.
May 2010 - Court approval of Safeguard Plan.
April 2010 - OPG raises respectively EUR 6.1 Million, EUR 7.1 Million and EUR 3 Million through three private placements in favor of funds managed by AXA Investment Managers, Neptune Invest, Alandia Investissements, Lansdowne Capital, Hillgrove Investments Limited and FINPLAT S.A..


December 2009 - re branding of the Central Europe Hospitality Portfolio into Mamaison Hotels & Residences.
July 2009 - Residence project Citadela in Prague 4 is handed over to its clients.
June 2009 -  Delivery of Palace Archa in Prague.
April 2009 - Reopening Paris Department Store in the heart of Budapest.
April 2009 - Commercial Court Decision.
March 2009 - Opening of the Safeguard plan procedure opening the path to OPG's bond debt restructuring.


December 2008 - Orco’s project Parkville receives awards for Best Residential Development and Best Overall Development 2008.
November 2008 - Delivery of Radio Free Europe’s new headquarter.
October 2008 - Casa Verde residential project completed, fully sold, delivering profitability of 18 %.
October 2008 - Occupancy permit for a residential development Parkville in Bratislava.
July 2008 - Orco Property Group wins EUROPEAN PROPERTY AWARDS for Zlota 44.
June 2008 - Launch of the construction of Váci1.
May 2008 - Completion of the full refurbishement of the AMFORA hotel in Hvar.
May 2008 -Start of “Złota 44”.
April 2008 - Occupancy permit granted to Palace Archa.
March 2008 - Urban design competition for a master plan to define the Wertheim site at Leipziger Platz in Berlin completed.
March 2008 - Feliz Residence: Intelligent apartments in Warsaw park area.
March 2008 - ORCO PROPERTY GROUP's bold design selected as one of the five finalists for the Tour Signal at la Défense.
February 2008 -  Orco Property Group receives award for Innovative Investor of the Year 2007.


Finalized more than 15 acquisitions since January 2007, among which GSG in Germany & Molcom in Russia are the largest ones.
The Czech Republic: a dynamic residential market :
* Completed 12 acquisitions for future residential and property investment projects
* Bubny – a project for Prague`s influence * Strong presence in secondary cities
Orco Germany: Becoming a top property investor in Berlin :
* Integration of Viterra Development and Gewerbesiedlungs-Gesellschaft mbH (GSG)
* Wertheim – rebuilding the Mitte, site location on Leipziger Platz
* Admission of Orco Germany S.A. to the regulated market of Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Other Orco’s markets: unique high-end projects :
* Building permit for Zlota 44: Luxury residential tower in Warsaw
* Opening of the Adriana and Amfora hotels refurbished in Hvar
* Obtain building permit for Paris Department Store and Vaci One - retail
Development of Endurance Fund and launching of Hospitality and residential funds


November 2006 - Zlota 44: sales inauguration of luxury apartments. The tallest skyscraper in Warsaw.
October 2006 - MaMaison Hotels & Apartments acquired a luxury 4-stars hotel, Parkotel Vienna in Poland. Orco has opened a second sub fund in the ENDURANCE umbrella fund, with an initial equity target of Euro 100 million. The fund is dedicated to institutional investors, and focused on the acquisition, development, management and disposition of middle class and luxury residential properties located across Central Europe, Germany, Croatia, and Russia.
September 2006 - Orco acquired a new 34,000 sqm property in Prague 7, Bubenska 1. This office building is fully occupied.
August 2006 - Orco decided to merge its hotel divisions into new brand: MaMaison Hotels & Apartments.
July 2006 - Orco won a tender and has acquired a plot in Prague 7 – Bubny. This plot of 27 hectares is the only area of such a size in Prague near downtown. Orco will develop a mixed-use area to the modern and lively district of 21st Century Prague.
June 2006 - Grand opening of Luxembourg Plaza. This office building is fully leased. Grand opening of Riva - Hvar Yacht Harbour Hotel. Suncani Hvar Hotels are moving to higher standards of comfort, new design and a trendy ambiance. Work has already started in Adriatic and Amfora.
May 2006 - A new corporate identity design of Orco Property Group. New slogan: Imagine the possibilities.
April 2006 - Orco Property Group today announces the acquisition of Viterra Development, a property development company based in Essen, Germany. Viterra Development, previously owned by Deutsche Annington, has been acquired by Orco Property Group’s German subsidiary, ORCO Germany. Total value of the transaction including the assumption of debt and the takeover of a number of properties is approximately EUR 100 million and will be completed subject to Polish merger approval.
February 2006 - The Paris Department Store in Budapest is back in the Orco`s portfolio.
January 2006 - Luxembourg Plaza has became a part of Orco`s portfolio. Trigranit sold its 50% stake in this building. The office space of Luxembourg Plaza has been added to the Endurance Fund’s assets, while the hotel section remains Orco’s property.


On the 1st February 2005, Orco is successfully listed on the Prague Stock Exchange. Thanks to successful financial operations, such as PACEO, bond issues and capital increases, the Group is able to bid for major deals and wins the tender for the privatization of the tourist and hotel assets of Suncani Hvar, Croatia. MaMaison also improves its portfolio with the development of a residence in Moscow.The Luxembourg Plaza is now half rented and Orco becomes involved in a new and exciting project, having won the tender for the construction of the future Radio Free Europe headquarters in Prague. The EUR 100 million Endurance fund now owns and manages a portfolio of several office buildings and shopping centres. The Group strengthens its investment in markets like Berlin, and in Warsaw, where Orco announces the future development of a residential tower designed by architect Daniel Libeskind in the city centre. The portfolio valuation now stands at EUR 1 billion.


The takeover of IPB Real marks major changes in the management of the Group. Chairman and CEO Jean-Francois Ott is now supported by two senior vice-presidents, and two vice-presidents. The senior vice-presidents, Ales Vobruba and Steven Davis manage activities in Central Europe; and of the two vice-presidents, Arnourd Bricout takes charge of corporate finance, and Nicolas Tommasini the hospitality segment. The Endurance Fund is now under the total responsibility of Orco. This real estate Luxembourg fund is dedicated to institutional investors and takes advantage of real estate opportunities in Central Europe. Beyond its role as promoter and manager, Orco is the sole shareholder of the management company. Construction starts on Luxembourg Plaza, and new residences and hotels are opened in Prague, Bratislava and Warsaw; among them Pachtuv Palace and the Regina Hotel. Orco finalized its first acquisitions in Berlin, and begins to take advantage of the great opportunities on the residential and new buildings market in Budapest. In Warsaw several acquisitions are given the go ahead for development, most notably in the medium-range residential sectors. Orco finalized its first acquisitions in Berlin to take advantage of the great opportunities on residential market and new buildings in Budapest. In Warsaw several acquisitions are finalized to develop, notably, medium-range residential projects. The land bank of the Group now stands at over 1,000,000 sqm, which includes the large plot at Benice.


Orco wins the tender for the purchase of IPB Real, the leading medium-range residential property group in the Czech Republic. The group now owns a real estate portfolio of 740,000 sqm in Prague and the total portfolio valuation is estimated by DTZ at €178 million. The Americka Park project is delivered and Orco signs a joint-venture with GE Capital Golub for the €100 million Kosic project in Prague. Orco starts its longterm dividend distribution policy for the year 2002.


With the support of EBRD, Orco opens MaMaison residences and Riverside Hotel. At the same time, additional residences and hotels are launched. The Mariott also signs an agreement with Orco, for an hotel in the Luxembourg Plaza project.


Two large projects are launched: Americka Park residential development and Luxembourg Plaza office building (20,000 sqm).Thanks to its listing on the Paris Stock Exchange, Orco is also able to purchase further key properties, such as: Imperial Hotel and Pachtuv Palace.The Bratislava Orco office begins operations.Additional recruitment is undertaken to develop the Group, which now employs more than 200 personnel.


On December 15th, Orco Property Group is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. DTZ prepares the Group’s portfolio valuation at EUR 56.8 million, in May 2000. Orco opens a new office in Warsaw.


Orco now owns and operates 15 buildings, and decides to expand to Budapest. Orco moves into the hospitality segment for the first time with two new investments: the Residence Masaryk is opened and fully rented as an extended-stay hotel in Prague, and Orco purchases an hotel in Budapest for renovation as the Andrassy Hotel. In order to finance the growth of the company and the numerous opportunities for acquisitions, Jean-Francois Ott makes the decision to list the Group on the Paris Stock Exchange.

1996 - 1998

The Group improves its management and portfolios with several additional acquisitions in the office and residential segments. In 1997, a major project for KPMG was delivered, in Anglicka 26.


Orco develops tailor-made offers for new companies establishing in the CR: offices for business headquarters and residential packages dedicated to foreigners.


Several acquisitions are finalized in Prague – Vinohrady district and rented to large companies establishing in Czech Republic: Philip Morris, Nokia…

1990 - 1991

Jean-Francois Ott notices the strong potential of real estate in the Central European region. His first acquisition in Prague signals the foundation of Orco Property Group.